Crescent Connection - CIP 3407

Beaverton Creek Shared-Use Path (Cedar Hills Blvd-Lombard Ave)

Project Description: 

This is an ODOT Flexible Funds and federal aid project. This project will provide a shared use path between the Beaverton Transit Center on Lombard Ave and the Beaverton Central MAX station at Watson Ave and then continue the path to Cedar Hills Blvd. The path will consist of a 10-foot wide section from Lombard Ave to Hall Blvd for both bikes and pedestrians and a combination of existing sidewalk for pedestrians and shared use roadway for bikes along Crescent St, Rose Biggi Ave and Westgate Dr from Hall Blvd to Cedar Hills Blvd.

Project Manager: Jim Brink, 503-526-2450

Project Status:

FY11-12: City received a $1.2 million grant under the ODOT Flexible Funds Program on 3-22-12.

FY12-13: ODOT IGA 28470 was fully executed on 7-20-12. On 10-8-12 OTAK was selected as the consultant for design services under the ODOT Mini-RFP program. City applied for construction funding under the ODOT STIP Enhance Program on 11-26-12 and the ODOT Transportation Enhancement Program on 12-13-12. Grant applications for construction were unsuccessful. Negotiating contract with OTAK.

FY13-14: Determine alignment options under Creekside Master Planning. ODOT issues OTAK a Notice To Proceed and begin design. Removed the Denney Rd section from the federal aid project and created a City only project under CIP 3410. Currently, there are no grant applications submitted to ODOT or other agencies for construction.

FY14-15: 30% design completed 1-30-15. 60% design completed 6-30-15; however, ODOT had multiple comments that required substantial changes to the design.

FY15-16: Complete 90% design incorporating ODOT comments.

FY16-17: Complete final design and ROW acquisition. FY17-18: Complete construction.

Substantial Completion Date:

September 30, 2017

CIP 3407 Description

CIP 3407 - 60% Design

CIP 3407 - 60% Plan Set 1 of 3

CIP 3407 - 60% Plan Set 2 of 3

CIP 3407 - 60% Plan Set 3 of 3
CIP 3407 - 100% Plan (LARGE FILE - 26 MB)

CIP 3407 - Crescent Path Walk Animation (LARGE FILE - 22 MB)

CIP 3407 - Crescent Path Walk Animation 2 (HUGE FILE - 0.7 GB)

CIP 3407 - Crescent Path Rendering

CIP 3407 - Crescent Path Rendering 2

CIP 3407 - Design Work Summary and Schedule

Project Photos:

Aerial view of apartment complex near Max tracks and Damerow car dealership.