Canyon Road Alternate Bike Network - CIP 3518

Canyon Road Alternative Bike Network

Project Description:

  Various bike and sidewalk improvements on Millikan Wy (Hocken - Lombard), Hocken Ave (Millikan - Canyon) and Broadway (Canyon - 117th).  The City committed to completing this project as part of the MTIP application for the Canyon Rd improvements contained in CIP 3519A.

Project Manager: 

Jim Brink, 503-526-2450

Project Status:

FY12-13: City received a $1 million grant under the HUD Sustainable Communities Challenge grant program (award effective date 2/15/12).  On 8/20/2012, City signed a contract with Fregonese Associates as the consultant for planning and project management services. Began development of the concept designs for the alternative bikeways and associated improvements.  Jan 2013: Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates developed project descriptions and planning level costs estimates.  

FY13-14:   4-2-14: Contract with Wallis Engineering for design services completed. Survey was completed and environmental permitting and design began.  30% plans completed in June 2014.  

FY14-15: 75% plans completed in Oct 2014.  CWS SPL application submitted 1-27-15.  ROW acquisition began 2-9-15.   1 property acquired 3-26-15.  90% plans received in Mar 2015.  CWS SPL received 5-21-15. 

FY15/16: Complete ROW acquisition and land partition.  Construction delayed due to ROW acquisition and completion of land use requirements.

FY16-17:  Complete construction.

Substantial Completion Date:

September 30, 2017

CIP 3518 Description

CIP 3518 Plan and Profile: Curb Sidewalk Improvements

Project Photos:

Sharrows near Beaverton City Hall at Millikan Way and SW Watson.