Old Town Overview

Old Town Overview

Old Town is ready for renewed, focused attention. The area is rich with history, culture and a built environment that is conducive to smart growth development.

Old Town has undergone a revival in recent years and benefited from private investment. Four catalyst projects in Old Town either opened or are currently under construction, three of which utilized city investment. The Barcelona, a four-story housing development with 47 units, held its grand opening in December 2015. The completion of The Barcelona is a noteworthy event as this is the first major affordable housing development project to be constructed in Old Town in decades.
Old Town Area
Franklin and Tucker Apartments, a 70 unit complex opened its doors in the summer of 2015. Meanwhile, two other projects, The Rise Old Town and La Scala, broke ground in 2015. Both projects are mixed-use and will create an additional 131 housing units as well as new commercial space in Old Town.

BURA's Five Year Strategy–Old Town

BURA will focus on facilitating redevelopment and providing public parking. Program funds will target buildings with a storefront presence, as well as catalyst and opportunity sites that have revitalization potential. BURA is prioritizing the improved connectivity between Old Town and the Creekside District to create a more vibrant and interconnected downtown.

During the next few years, Beaverton’s Old Town will be one of the highest priorities for urban renewal investments in order to capitalize on a wealth of community assets and increasing developer interest. BURA will focus on leveraging private investment through projects that enhance the public realm.

BURA Allocation of Funds Five Year Forecast

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Catalyst Projects

For a complete list of catalyst projects, please see the BURA Project Map.