Employment Area

Employment Area Overview

The Employment Area lies east of Highway 217 and is characterized by warehousing, distribution, low density office and flex space. It has been fairly successful as most of the buildings are fully occupied, although there are some vacant or under-utilized parcels.

The Employment Area includes a roughly 175-acre industrial section that contains a mix of heavy industrial, manufacturing, and commercial uses. It has been noted in the city’s most recent economic analysis as one of the more significant locations to enhance Beaverton’s competitive position for high quality business park and flex space.
Map of Employment Area.
Contemporary industrial and employment development requires ease of access to major truck transportation routes and rail. Users that are likely to be attracted to the area will be of a moderate size and light industrial, manufacturing or flex space uses. Most of the structures within the industrial areas are deficient to accommodate modern users, which require tall ceiling heights and unencumbered spans for inventory systems and other equipment.

BURA's Five Year Strategy–Employment Area

The current characteristics may not represent a long term city vision for the area. A master planning effort is underway for this area to better determine its long-term direction and maximize employment opportunities.

One of the most prominent near-term action items include bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Western Avenue between 5th street and Allen Blvd. Preliminary engineering for Western Avenue is included in the FY17-18 budget.

BURA Allocation of Funds Five Year Forecast

Employment Graph

Catalyst Projects

For a complete list of catalyst projects, please see the BURA Project Map.